Traditionally our stories were told by talking and through ceremonies, which were recorded in carvings and paintings. These stories are still known and taught today. Some of these places and stories we can show people and teach them about too. Telling our stories helps demonstrate our connection to the land to people. We are committed to looking after our land and teaching our culture.

We are Adnyamathanha (ad-nya-mut-na) people. "Adnya" means "rock" and "matha" means "group" or "group of people". Our people used to roam all throughout this country from the Northern Flinders down to Port Augusta and as far east as Broken Hill. When pastoral leases started being established our people were forced to camp together and move around less. Five tribes then came together - the Kuyani, Wailpi, Yadliaura, Pilatapa and Pangkala.

We arrived at the current site of Nepabunna in the 1930's. We had been at two other sites before then. They are near Damper Hill and Ram Paddock.  There were a few hundred people at that time. The reasons we moved around a bit was because of pastoralists and water. Many of us and our fathers and uncles worked on station properties and had many skills in these areas.

At Nepabunna we are proud that our community is clean and quiet. It is a peaceful place. It is home. We still collect bush tucker that has been growing out here for thousands of years. The country looks after us when we look after it. Mayaka, Quondongs, Native Orange, Nuri and Minera are some of the foods we get from around here.

Ten years ago Nepabunna was successful in starting the first Indigenous Protected Area at Nantawarrina. The station property was degraded and we were able to take over the management of the property with the help of the IPA programme to restore the land using our knowledge. Things have been improving there for the flora and fauna ever since. We are proud of that.

Today, Nepabunna is a safe place for our kids, and it is a place for families to grow up together. Nepabunna is trying some new things. We have a bush tucker garden. We are successfully managing the Natawarrina Indigenous Protected Area. We take people on tours or to places where there are no signs, but we know where to go because it is our country and we grew up here.

We look forward to one day having the opportunity to tell you more when you visit us at our place - Nepabunna.    

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